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For more than a decade,VoluMill has proven to be the fastest, most cost effective method of bulk-material removal for all non-finishing milling operations. Today, VoluMill version 9 offers the most significant performance increase over any previous version of VoluMill.
With an improved algorithm, smoother feed rate adjustments, and greater toolpath accuracy, VoluMill version 9 delivers even better machine-tool and cutting-tool performance – increasing shop floor productivity and cost-savings.

Any part

VoluMill is perfect for the airframe, automotive, mold & die, medical, machinery component, and consumer-products markets, for all roughing needs on free-form or prismatic parts.

  • Complete hog-outs; cores; cavities
  • Multiple or individual pockets; steps; channels; slots; notches; etc.

Any material

VoluMill’s constant material removal rates enable machine tools and cutting tools to operate under ideal milling conditions throughout, regardless of a part’s shape or complexity. Rough milling performance is significantly increased in all materials, from aluminum, to titanium, to exotics.

Easy to use

Generating ultra high-performance toolpaths with VoluMill is fast and simple. There are minimal mouse clicks required, and very few decisions to make, yet you remain in full control. Whether you want to rough an entire part with a single toolpath, or you need to follow a precise material removal plan, VoluMill works with you to get your job done quickly and reliably.

Seamless integration

VoluMill is tightly integrated with Siemens NX. There is no disruption to your current workflow. The task-oriented toolpaths reduce programming time significantly and perform much better than traditional toolpaths where it is most important, on the work floor.

VoluMill benchmark

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