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NX for design

Streamline and accelerate your product development significantly!

The most powerful, flexible and innovative product development solution in the industry, NX for design has the features, performance and capabilities to bring your products to market faster than ever before. NX for design helps deliver your "first time right" designs using more virtual product models and fewer, more expensive physical prototypes. This makes you more competitive with lower development costs and improved product quality.

2D & 3D CAD modeling

Make use of the most advanced tools in the marketplace provided by NX. With NX you get the freedom to use the modelling technique that suits you the best. You can choose between direct modelling or parametric or combine the best of 2 worlds in 1 system!

Industrial Design & Styling

NX includes advanced form creation, manipulation and analysis capabilities. These tools allow you to create the most complex free-form shapes quickly, with comfort and with plenty of opportunities to make quick adjustments.

Reverse Engineering

Reduce the time it takes to develop CAD models of physical objects with NX. Scan your data and start immediately with generating support structures for 3D printing. You can also create moulds based on the shape and import them into an assembly. Analyse the scan or perform the traditional CAD operations directly by using it to our unique Convergent Modeling.

Design Validation

NX transfers critical product information to your 3D design and gives you automated design validation software tools. They are also monitoring your designs automatically and continuously for compliance with standards and requirements imposed within your organisation.


Another option that NX includes is integrated industrial design such as photorealistic rendering. Photorealistic rendering allows you to make decisions about the aesthetics, function and materials of a product early in the design process, when costs are low. In addition to rendering, there are also options for freeform modelling, shape analysis and visualisation in NX. Start from simple basic shapes or use reverse engineering to turn physical objects into concept models.

NX Portfolio

Discover the complete portfolio to meet your needs!

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