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PLM Scan

To guarantee a better cooperation between members of your team or to break down walls between departments in your company, a Product Data Management System offers the solution. 
It allows you to manage all your engineering data and related project data in one central place. Visible to everyone with the correct rights at the right moment in the life cycle of a project or product.

Is PDM or PLM something for my business?

For companies with 2 engineers, a PDM system can already offer a solution daily issues or problems and it provides you the assurance that it can grow with your business in the future.

The solution that we implement for our customers for this is called Teamcenter. 
Teamcenter is the most widely used PLM system worldwide and is developed by Siemens DISW. Thanks to the multi-CAD capabilities of Teamcenter, you can also use it in combination with 3rd party software such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo, CATIA, AutoCAD, Altium, OrCAD, etc.

Wondering if PDM and/or PLM can mean something for your company?  Request your free PLM scan now from ADOPT id PLM. During this session of one and a half hours you meet with one of our consultants to give you insight in your methods and processes. Afterwards, you will receive a report with our recommendations and possible further steps.

PLM Scan

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PLM Overview Video for Beginners

Three-minute overview video aimed at people just learning about PLM software, following the development of the Siemens NanoPC through its innovation lifecycle.

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