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Teamcenter ensures that all CAD data is translated into a common format so that all design changes across your enterprise are clear and can be used efficiently. No matter how much data is in any CAD system you use. Teamcenter centralises engineering processes and design management.

In addition to CAD data, Teamcenter is also used to manage all your relevant project data. These include MS Office documents, electrical schematics, PCB designs, project management...

Matching different areas

Teamcenter Foundation

The connection between the various fields of expertise in a company is crucial. Especially as technology continues to develop, the software that is used becomes at least as important as all the other components. Siemens Teamcenter provides a powerful PLM foundation in the organisation, enabling easy and detailed communication.

Growing step by step


Teamcenter is a flexible platform that adapts to your needs. So your business grows along with it, step by step. Adding suppliers and/or customers is always possible, regardless whether they use Teamcenter themselves or not. The cost of your product and all other components can be easily monitored. Teamcenter can also be used in a single location or worldwide.

Teamcenter integrations


There is a lot involved in launching a product on the market. Certain regulations, legal requirements, product quality and many other things. Teamcenter PLM ensures that everything ends up in one centralised system. The system that registers every event or action ensures the best possible product development process. From product idea to finished product.

Instant-on Cloud PLM

On-premise, Cloud of SaaS

Get started today with Teamcenter X for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud delivery of PLM that's accessible. You can pay as you work and only pay for what you need. Best of all, Siemens manages Teamcenter X for you, so we do the heavy lifting while you drive product innovation. The PLM solution also grows as your business grows.

Teamcenter: A Modern Cloud Platform with Best Practices Built in

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