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Progressive technology and groundbreaking solutions

CEE, Energy Payback Projects, is a fast growing company in Morkhoven near Herentals. Kristof and his team optimise production processes on a daily basis in terms of economy and cost-effectiveness.

CEE Engineering optimises heat and cold flows mainly in energy-consuming sectors such as the production of a lot of bulk products (coffee, cereals, etc.) but also in the building and pharmaceutical industry. With their Machine Construction department (CEE-Construction), they also make new installations for the same market, completely tailor-made. The installation is completely designed to fit the customer's plant. Until now, they have been mainly active in Flanders, but CEE is gradually expanding abroad. 

The engineering team at CEE are loyal Solid Edge users. "Since my education in Leuven I am familiar with Solid Edge so the choice was quickly made. Thanks to the integration with Siemens NX, we can draw our projects very efficiently." The first step of the process is to measure the existing site. The entire piping of the plant is imaged with a 3D scanner from different positions. Everything is recorded in a point cloud and then exported to NX via a bop file. From there, they can see and measure the existing situation in 3D very precisely so that they can then design the new installation. During the design of the installation in Solid Edge, we can update our model in real time and check it against the 3D scan in NX.

"Thanks to the use of ADOPT id PLM software, we have a very big competitive advantage."

Kristof Cambre

"Thanks to Solid Edge, NX and 3D scanning, we are now able to work more efficiently. Where we sometimes used to scan everything in one week with a folding rule, we now scan everything smoothly in one day. In terms of time efficiency this can count, but the accuracy is also higher." At CEE, the entire project is drawn in 3D, up to the last bolt. This means there are no more surprises when we build the installation on location. "We build every installation twice: once virtually and once physically. This ensures that mistakes are kept to a minimum." Due to the link with their ERP package, they are also making great progress in the warehouse. Each part has its unique number that is linked to the specific project. This allows the order picker to quickly find the right parts.

"Thanks to the use of ADOPT id PLM software, we have a very big competitive advantage. We win the trust of the potential customer quickly by our efficient and professional way of working. A good integration of the software into that process is crucial." CEE is a company with ambitious plans. For example, they are moving to their new location in Geel at the end of this year. We will keep hearing from them. Good luck!

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