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The best climate solutions for companies and private individuals

Daikin, the specialist and manufacturer of air conditioning and climate control. Daikin is active in residential as well as commercial environments such as shops and hotels.


Today, the R&D team has 46 designers, but this number is constantly growing. We talked to Bram Lowagie, section manager at Daikin. Read the full interview here.

Giving everyone a comfortable and durable indoor environment, that's the ambition at Daikin. Every day, Bram and his team put their backs into developing the best climate solutions for companies and consumers. He supports the product engineers at Daikin in the area of software. He continuously looks for improvements in the development process. For example, the local software they used to work with turned out to be inefficient in terms of communication. 

Solid Edge is the software package they have been using for years to design their products in 3D. ADOPT id PLM supports them in this where necessary. For instance, the Daikin team regularly follows a training course when the software is updated. The complete drawing of the devices is done with the help of Sheet Metal Design and Piping Design. Solid Edge XpresRoute facilitates the design of the mechanical routed systems.  A comprehensive set of industry-specific design tools helps designers to quickly route and model piping. In this way, they gain a lot of time, but also the Bill of Material is considerably better. Moreover, the Design Checks, a customised tool developed by ADOPT id PLM, ensures that the end forms of the pipes are automatically created. ADOPT id PLM created a library with all these forms so that they are automatically created in the 3D model. An enormous time saving and reduction of mistakes that can be made! 

"At Daikin we are increasingly focusing on 3D. And here we can always rely on ADOPT id PLM for the right support of our designers."

Bram Lowagie

The CAD design is used throughout the entire company. "For example, we use the design to carry out simulations during the first phase of development. But the marketing department also uses the drawings to create BIMs for the construction industry. In addition, the information is used to draw up instructions for the end customer or installer. At Daikin, 3D is being used more and more. And here we can always rely on ADOPT id PLM for the right support of our designers. 

Until today, the R&D team has 46 designers in Ostend. Soon the department will move partly to Ghent because of the planned growth. "Heating development will be an important responsibility, and an expansion of the team will not be unnecessary. To make the entire development process run more smoothly, we are also strongly considering integrating Siemens NX." So there is certainly a lot ahead between Daikin and ADOPT id PLM. We are looking forward to it! 

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