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Customer-specific projects for automation

The brothers De Graeve are dedicated engineers and were very passionate about automating the process of potting plants. We invited Miguel for an interview. He would like to tell you about his experience with ADOPT id PLM and Solid Edge.

Degramec's roots are in the horticultural sector, specifically in pot plants. Thanks to their first mobile potting robot, which they built at their parents' house, Degramec was born. In the meantime Degramec has become a well-known company in the sector. After 20 years they offer a complete range of installations and machines for the horticultural industry. Degramec machines are not only used in Belgium but also abroad.
 To develop and build these machines they obviously need software. "The machines we design at Degramec are very compact and tailor-made for the customer. The machines contain a lot of technology and components. Nothing is mass-produced in our factory," Miguel De Graeve tells us. "Solid Edge is also perfectly integrated with our LVD software and machines for folding and crimping the laser plates. To ensure short lead times for our customer, Solid Edge is the only way-to-go to get everything done on time and accurately."

"We opted to work with a smaller software company. The personal contact and the quality of the support is a great added value. We recommend it to everyone." 

Miguel De Graeve

Degramec has seven designers who were all quickly integrated into the software. "After two weeks of working with the software, you quickly master the programme", says Maarten Acke, the recent addition to the team of Degramec. "I already had CAD experience which made the switch go very smoothly. Of course it is a bit unusual in the beginning but thanks to the logic of the program I was quickly acclimatised. The rendering of the 3D drawings is also an important addition. This allows us to show a realistic picture to the customer before the robot goes into production.

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