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Architectural lighting and metal ceiling systems

Kreon is an international company, based in Belgium, that designs and manufactures architectural lighting and metal ceiling systems. Kreon represents the language of design in modern architecture, an architecture based on straight angles and lines.

It is this sober architecture that underlies the pure and timeless character of their lighting. We have the honour of talking to Inge Heeren and Tine Maesen, both of whom have been product developers at Kreon for 15 years.

Wherever possible, Kreon uses pure three-dimensional architectural forms, emphasising the essential and the structural minimum. The collection includes a range of downlights, uplights and sidelights that blend harmoniously into ceilings, floors and walls. Typical applications include residential, hospitality, retail, shop window and office interiors. Kreon has several offices and production sites in Belgium, Turkey, Bulgaria, New York and Germany. The Belgian R&D department employs 9 product developers and their art director. 

"We always get a very quick answer and that gives us confidence."

Inge Heeren

When designing a new product, Kreon always follows a fixed process. We start from an idea that comes from the client, research done by the art director or the emergence of a new technology. The idea is then developed into a concept. In this stage the software Solid Edge is already being used. After an initial validation, detailed drawings are made, BOMs (parts lists) and manuals. A prototype is made of the entire device and it then goes through a verification process. After the successful verification, the product goes into production, on average, two years later. "In the past, the art director would come up with an idea and we would sketch it, often without a lot of structure. Now, our working method is very structured, which means that ideas are filtered first and then we can assess the feasibility of the product in the concept phase. You can't do that with a sketch on paper."

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