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3D insights for children's shop Petit Perroquet thanks to NX

A unique shop design is becoming increasingly important today. But how do you go about designing your ideal retail space? ADOPT id PLM helped Petit Perroquet with a 3D design of its children's shop Poperinge. ADOPT id PLM is happy to explain to you what tools were used during the sketching process.

From idea to 3D design

Like many realisations, the first step is a good 3D to make the idea more visual before making decisions. Thus, some ideas were already the start for making the 3D for the children's shop. Which wallpaper looks best? What colour do we paint the wall near the checkout? What is the ideal height of a clothes rack? Is the space not too crowded and are the shopping aisles accessible with a pram?

To answer these questions, ADOPT id PLM went to work in Siemens NX. Thanks to the 3D drawings, the new shop operator was able to get a good, clear idea of what her retail space would look like.

How did ADOPT id PLM set up this 3D design easily and efficiently?

How was the design set up quickly that could easily be changed at concept stage?

How can you properly assess whether everything is realistic in size within the 3D design?

How could this final composition be made quickly?

How was this composition handled that it remained workable?

How could we create a good and realistic picture of what the shop was going to look like?


Based on the 3D design, some questions had already been solved before the final works started!

Could a pram pass everywhere, are the drawers in the cupboards not made too high, which drawing will be on the back wall, which materials/colour do we use for which wall, and much more...

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