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Family-owned SME developed into market leader

WAF is a well-known name in the truck construction world. They build tippers, changeover systems, hydraulic cylinders, assemble container systems and loading cranes at WAF.

Solid Edge has been used at WAF since 2003. The link between the software and Excel was a requirement. The variables of the tipper or container are first calculated in a spreadsheet and then loaded into Solid Edge, sometimes in combination with third party superstructure components. Automatically we create our 3D model based on data we enter in Excel.

" Even WAF chooses to use Solid Edge. "

Tom De Schutter

In general, drawing the body is not a piece of rocket science, but a lot of factors have to be taken into account, such as the wheelbase, weight distribution, capacity of the tipper or container system, dimensions, etc. Thanks to this flexibility, you can avoid cumbersome pre-planning and time-consuming work, and any necessary purchase parts can already be ordered, so that production can proceed as smoothly as possible.

Parametric design saves us a lot of time and also allows us to make a clear 3D representation for the customer. The result is that we are able to work in a much clearer way and have complete control over the design.  We are using 3D modelling more and more. Where previously we only drew the frames of tipper and changeover systems, we now draw the complete superstructure of the tipper, hook system, loading crane and changeover system on the relevant truck. 

WAF Wisselsysteem animatie

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