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Leading in innovation, design, safety and technology

Their products are designed in Belgium and available in more than 50 countries. And, as they so beautifully describe it, "Lazer is passion, performance and the joy of riding." We're already excited to interview Cas and Guido, design engineer and R&D manager at Lazer Sport.

Every day, they strive to innovate, improve and create the safest bicycle helmet for recreational and pro riders alike. Their products are the result of almost 100 years experience, passion and dedication. They always try to create the perfect mix between design, comfort, safety and technology.

Lazer designs, tests and produces bicycle helmets. One part of the product development team focuses on the aesthetic and ergonomics of the helmet. The other part of the team focuses on the safety of the helmet. And that's of course the biggest challenge. Safety is a very complex issue. The helmet is expected to be very safe and at the same time the design must be optimal. There are also many other aspects to take into account: weight, ventilation, sustainability, cooling, etc. So it' s not surprising that the lead time for a helmet is two years on average before the product is launched on the market. "The helmets are also tested by professional cyclists during wind tunnel or field tests. This creates the challenge to make adjustments during the design process, but thanks to the flexibility of Siemens NX, everything goes very smoothly," says Guido.

"The helmets are also tested by professional cyclists in wind tunnel and field tests. The challenge is to make adjustments during the design process, but thanks to the flexibility of Siemens NX, everything goes very smoothly."

Guido De Bruyne

Lazer has been using Siemens NX software since 2018. Previously, they used a mix of programs such as Creo & SolidWorks which often resulted in loss of efficiency. "After an in-depth benchmark between different programs we chose Siemens NX. The double curved surfaces possibilities of NX are of a much higher level than the competition. No other programme can compete with that. Also with the prospect of NX being a single platform for design & simulation (for both FEA and CFD) it was in our advantage to standardise on this. In the meantime, we also use the mesh possibilities of NX/Simcenter and FloEFD for our aerodynamic simulations. We also have plans to use Teamcenter, where we can better align our workflow and work together in one environment.", The main advantage of the software is that we only use one package and a kind of knowledge pool is created. "We can help each other with questions and keep each other focused on new tools." Cas also adds that ADOPT id PLM responds very quickly if there are any questions.

If the year 2020 has caused a growth? "We certainly feel the growth of the bicycle sector. Thanks to the takeover by Shimano, we are really reaching full speed. The opportunity to support strong cycling teams also gives us an extra push in terms of reputation. 

"There is still a lot to explore in NX," concludes Guido. "But the advanced surfacing possibilities, the opportunities for collaboration around computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) have certainly convinced us." 

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