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Consumer Products

Demanding consumers of sports goods want personalised products and highly specialised designs. The toy industry demands new products every day. Consumers are expecting more and more products with connectivity (IoT) and analytics, and are looking for experiences rather than just products. Responding to this, manufacturers are forced to incorporate new methods and materials, from design to production.

Product Lifecycle Management

Guarantee the complete life cycle of your products in one central system. Create full transparency within the organisation, share details with internal and external stakeholders to make informed decisions and simplify the reuse of your intellectual property. This combination of features provides intuitive participation, controlled data and monitoring, and allows you to take the next step in managing your product portfolio and business processes;

Mechanical Product Design

Designs are becoming more and more aesthetically challenging and complex. This requires powerful tools that give you the ability to generate new designs quickly. Our integrated solutions with best-in-class design capabilities give you that competitive edge to go to market faster with a new innovative product.

Design validation

The increasing complexity of compositions, the use of new materials and electrification of products make early validation of your design more important. In this way, you can eliminate expensive prototypes and tests as much as possible and you can virtually eliminate errors from your products. Ensure that your product excels in the market in terms of performance by carrying out numerous simulation iterations in advance.

Challenges in the Consumer Products sector:

Margins under pressure, due to rising land prices

Personalisation products


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