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For HVAC and the energy sector, we offer a broad set of solutions for operators, maintenance technicians, service companies, piping designers and manufacturers of tools and materials. Based on industry best-practices, we ensure that the chain of design, construction and maintenance is simplified.

Modular Plant Design

From rudimentary 2D piping schemes to fully developed 3D designs of your piping systems. Our solutions simplify and streamline your workflow. Linked 3D piping, support of piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and ISO compliant drawings ensure that your installation can be built first-time-right.

Electrical schematics

With the demand for smart connected solutions growing all the time, it is now more important than ever to anticipate this. Too often, members of a team are separated by their tools and software, leading to increased risk, error and frustration. Having a seamless, data-driven digital integration between the electrical design and mechanical can dramatically change and improve the way products are made.

Engineering lifecycle management

The HVAC sector is experiencing increasing complexity due to stricter regulations and many challenging requirements in their embedded software & electronics solutions. For many manufacturers, it has become a real challenge to efficiently adapt to this new reality. Our solutions allow multi-disciplinary teams to work together in one environment that is accessible everywhere and at all times. In this way, the entire engineering lifecycle can be closely monitored and the right information is available to the right people. Including all relevant requirements of a project, supplier information and a combination of mechanical, electronic, software and simulation data in one and the same environment.

Point Cloud Scan Data

Easily compare your layout model of the virtual production facility with your physical production facility. With Bentley's integrated technology for digital point clouds, you can directly read and model scanned data from brownfields.

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